Village as told by Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks’ Village album review by Bongiswa Dlamini.

This review is not based on statistic/numbers but purely based on my own perspective and enjoyment.
In my quest to find new music I stumbled upon Jacob Banks’ Mercy on the Colors show (his voice in this track reminded me of Rag’n’Bone’s rough pipe) which made me dive fully into finding more of his music. This review will however be on his album, Village which he released on the 2nd of November 2018.

He is known for his contemporary songs that fall in the Soul music and contemporary R&B genre. Having listened to it countable times, kept on being drawn back of course. I was blow away by the freshness of the sound and absence of musical clichés. The crisp and intense combination of his rough yet soft voice and the African tribal production in some tracks laced soulful tuning. It is safe enough for me to consider this album a no-skips album because he really delivered. His authenticity and vulnerability in his story telling is one of the things that just keep on drawing me back, the versatility of the whole album too.

He bears it all on this album, from family feuds to half worked-out relationships in the song Unknown (To You). On Peace of mind he voices out the frustration of not being able to get someone out of your head and heart, this song holds so much sentiment because we have all at some point in time battled this kind of saddening frustration. Mexico starts with a deeply soft tuning only for it to climb for an upbeat bass drum, a song I’d vouched for any day for a playlist compilation. He really delivered sentimental messages throughout the entire album and his vulnerability in his story telling wrapped up the whole purpose in the album.

My favorite song in the album ‘’Unknown (To you)’’…this has got to be the most vulnerable song in this album. ‘’I think the relationship is very tender between man-and-man because life teaches men to pretend to be okay all the time, and even when were not we have to always put on this brave face. I think it takes greater strength to be vulnerable than it is to pretend to be strong all the time’’. Jacob Banks tells Billboard. For him to write this song was purely about a relationship with a significant other until it had a more intimate meaning to him stating about his recently matured relationship with his father and conversation he wishes they’d had earlier in life. With just two features in the entire album, he featured Bibi Bourelly in the song Kumbaya, one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard, heavenly.

The whole album is a gem and if you’ve listened to it, let me know which ones are your favorite tracks and why. If you haven’t listened to it, can you dive in already and get lost in the music.

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