My Sun

I wanna show you the world but you have a curfew.
I can never stargaze with you, your uranophobia always comes in our way.
You fear the night sky but you always find comfort in Sky’s bare arms at night.
What happened to calling me at midnight? Do you fear the dark that much?
How come my dark coloured hoodie is your favourite?
You never want to strip off that hoodie and let me trace those spots that resemble constellations on your skin.
You never want to strip bare and show me the parts of you that you’ve hidden from the world for so long.
Who showed you the darkest side of darkness that you flinch everything a shadow creeps into your world? Even a righteous one.
You always see genuine affection as an attack.
You see vulnerability as a weakness.
Listen, I can never save you. I need saving myself.
But I can shed some little light into your dark-shaded bubble, the one you don’t want to burst out of.
Now let me.

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